About Elena Markova

I was born in Russia, where

I graduated from the academy of music, specializing in piano.

In adulthood, I had lived in New York for over 10 years and studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology, majoring in video editing and animation. I was also involved in photography and painting.

I have been living in Amsterdam since 2013, and I am exclusively engaged in painting. My paintings are found in private collections in New York, Holland and Russia, and are also given to charitable organizations. I participate in various exhibitions. I continue to learn from Russian painters using a variety of methods and techniques, and I express myself in various themes that resonate with my perception of the world at this moment. I use a realistic and romantic painting styles, but I am also not a stranger to intuitive painting, since I always tend to look for something new. Experimentation takes a big part in my work. 

Art is probably one of the most difficult words to truly define.

For me, my paintings represent an outlet; it's a way to relax, have fun and a way to get my thoughts and ideas out. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to express myself visually, and to exhibit my creativity in an effective way. 


I think that everything can be considered art. It really just depends on your perspective. Things that happen in your life and things that shape you change your view of how things are. Because of this, one single picture or phrase can hit a lot of people close to heart and to other seems to be absolute nonsense.


 I hope you are enjoy of my work and i will be happy to see my art on your wall.

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